Thermal Yarn (AceVitality®)

AceVitality™ health-care yarn, a technical yarn embedded with mineral element, releases the same wave length as body temperature and offers FIR effect which conducted and resonated with our own body to accelerate our blood flow, increase blood oxygen content and activate body functions.

Benefits of textiles made with AceVitality™

  • Long lasting Far Infrared effect with wave length 3~14 μm.
  • The resonance helps keep warmth and heat up body temperature.
  • Good effect in activating physio functions.
  • Apparel

  • Medical / health care use

NY6 DTY 40/34/1, 70/48/1 & 2, 70/72/1 & 2 SD, FD
PET DTY 75/72/1 SD