Management Principles

Pursue innovation and research and development, and become one of the most competitive players in the world's fiber industry.


Develop high-quality advanced fiber products and improve Taiwan's fiber manufacturing standard. Provide high-quality and diversified fiber products to meet customer needs.


Diligence and simplicity. Pursue performance and share results.
We adhere to the code of ethics, and approach issues with a diligent attitude while trying not to be wasteful. The Company's business philosophy focuses on practices of quality and pursuit of excellence, and we are committed to profit stability and growth, giving back to employees, the public and the society and business sustainability.

Innovation and R&D. Honesty and practicality.
People-oriented. Dedication to the society.

A Word From the Chairman-Wen-Tung Chou

Our company operates in an industry amid fierce competition. Thanks to the joint efforts of all colleagues, Acelon has stayed in business for 30 years since its founding. Along the way, we have experienced many business cycles, internal and external environmental changes, and the ups and downs in performance. We hope that Acelon can become a sustainable company that fulfill its social responsibilities.

Simple and introductory-level products and services are currently the minimum requirements in the industry. Besides improving on what we can do better to meet customer needs, it is important to build continuing research and development and self-transformation capabilities to enhance our competitive advantages, and then we can demonstrate the value of everyone at Acelon to jointly achieve better performance.

Ultimately, the Company will focus on profit stability to give back to our shareholders, employees and the society. In addition to focusing on our fundamental business to achieve good operating results, the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility ideal is the goal that the Company has always strived for.

Acelon has been actively developing green products, and continuously innovating textile technology to be more friendly to our environment. In recent years, the Company has improved corporate governance, transparency and social participation, and humbly accepted feedback and recommendations from our stakeholders in order to make Acelon a better place.

In the future, Acelon will continue to move forward with a management philosophy of "Ethics fundamentals to improve core competency and create a better future", fulfill social responsibilities and strive for creation of a better future.