Business Organization
Companies Type / Department Type Main Duties and Business
Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation Responsible for the sales, production, and R&D of nylon/polyester raw yarn, processed yarn, ultra-fine fiber composite yarn, and functional/environmental-friendly fibers.
Acegreen Eco-Material Technology Co., Ltd. Responsible for the sales, production, and R&D of environmentally friendly cellulose fibers, environmentally friendly textiles, melt-blown non-woven fabrics, and medical-grade masks.
Acenature Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Responsible for various textile OEM/ODM businesses, e-commerce, physical channels, and brand agency sales business.
General Manager's Office
  1. Planning and management of various computer-related software and hardware as well as information security maintenance operations.
  2. Plan and supervise the labor safety and health management business of various departments.
  3. Management operations for the various production schedules of the company.
  4. Handle corporate litigation and non-litigation cases as well as contract review operations.
Finance Department
  1. Finance, fundraising, and management application operations.
  2. Accounting, tax processing, and analysis services.
  3. Convene important meetings for shareholders or board directors, and promote project plans and stock affairs operations.
Management Department
  1. Various general affairs and administrative affairs operations.
  2. Main raw material procurement and control operations for the company.
  3. Corporate human resources recruitment and screening, personnel administration, education and training, performance appraisal, foreign labor, and salary management operations.
Engineering Services Department
  1. Project expansion plan and progress control operations.
  2. Project contracting, supervision, and management operations.