Corporate Milestone
  • 1988

    July-Acelon was established with the head office established in Puyan plant.

  • 1990

    November-Successfully developed nylon trilobal yarn in-house.

  • 1991

    December-Awarded as one of the Outstanding Enterprise Management Manufacturer

  • 1992

    December-Started production in Fanyuan plant.

  • 1995

    December-Awarded the ISO 9002 international quality assurance certification

  • 1996

    December-The first domestic textile fiber manufacturer to acquire the ISO 9001 international quality assurance certification.

  • 1997

    Outstanding manpower training manufacturer award

  • 1998

    April-Industrial technology excellence award.

    April-The Company's stock became publicly listed, with the Stock Code 1466.

  • 2000

    October-Established the PVA division to develop fiber products that offer functions such as far infrared rays, moisture wicking, antibacterial and deodorant features.

  • 2003

    August-Established the end product division -- New Fibers Division to design and develop ultra-fine fiber functional products in-house.

  • 2004

    Acquired OEKO-TEX certification.

  • 2007

    Introduced an enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

  • 2009

    December-Purchased Douliu plant.

  • 2011

    July-Reinvestment to establish Acegreen Eco-Material Technology.

    October-Industrial System Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    November-Established Acelon Innovation and R&D Center.

    November-Awarded Company of Excellence.

  • 2013

    December-Reinvestment to establish Acenature Biotechnology.

    December-Signed the first group agreement with the company union.

  • 2015

    January-Taiwan's first fiber production plant that is carbon footprint certified.

  • 2016

    February-Acquired the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) textile product system certification.

  • 2018

    November-The "Butterfly Down Platinum Antibacterial Series" awarded in the 27th Taiwan Excellence Award.

  • 2020

    August-Acegreen Eco-Material Technology acquired the "Class 1 Medical Materials and Devices Certification" issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.