Bio Based Nylon Yarn (AceEcobio PA410)

The bio based nylon yarn AceEco-Bio410 is a material which produced with chemicals extracted from bio content.

70% bio based derived from castor oil

  • Not taking away an existing food source and require little water to grow in arid areas.
  • A biobased renewable resource to replace nonrenewable petroleum resources
  • A much lower carbon footprint

Green Concepts ACEECO-BIO410 offers:

  • Renewable resource.
  • Low Carbon footprint.
  • Lower depletion of fossil resource.

Textiles made with AceEco-Bio410 drape well, dry fast, feel comfortable and are lightweight and shown to have a more stable dyeing performance among most of the bio content nylon yarns.

Let’s do something GREEN together!

  • Apparel

  • Industrial/ Technical use

  • Outdoor/ Upholstery

PA410 FDY 70/24, 70/48
FDTY 20/12/1, 40/34/1, 70/24/1 & 2, 70/48/1 & 2
ATY 160/96, 320/192