AceStatic® Antistatic PET DTY Draw Textured Yarn
Antistatic Yarn Manufacturer
Antistatic Yarn Manufacturer

What Is Antistatic Yarn?

AceStatic® antistatic yarn applies conjugate spinning technology, contributing to the formation of significant anti-static performance. Static electricity can accumulate in fabrics or textiles, causing discomfort, attracting dust or lint, and potentially leading to static shocks or damage to sensitive electronic equipment. As a result, anti-static yarn is an ideal yarn to solve this problem.

Advantages of AceStatic® Antistatic Yarn

  • 1. Minimize dust adhesion, ensuring fabrics stay cleaner for extended periods.
  • 2. Eco-friendly - Reduces the shedding of microfibers, requiring less frequent washing.
  • 3. Improves wearing comfort. Fabrics made with antistatic yarns can offer increased comfort by reducing the clinging or sticking of clothing to the skin.
  • 4. Rapid decay of electrical charges prevents the formation of an electrostatic field, minimizing the occurrence of static shocks.
  • 5. In industries where static electricity can pose a risk to sensitive electronic equipment, using antistatic yarn in clothing can help prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) that might damage the equipment.

Where Antistatic Yarn Can Be Used?

Because of its anti-static performance, antistatic yarn has revolutionized the creation of specialized fabrics, offering a diverse range of applications across various industries; for example: workwear, protective clothing, work gloves, skiing clothing, winter clothing, dustless clothing, conveyor belts, running belts, and so on. In addition, Acelon also provides diverse yarns such as high tenacity yarn and recycle yarn. Welcome to contact your reliable antistatic yarn suppliers!

  • Industrial/ Technical use

  • Medical / health care use

  • Workwear

PET DTY 70/24/1 & 2 BK
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