AceStatic® Antistatic PET DTY Draw Textured Yarn

AceStatic® antistatic yarn could contribute to formation of significant anti-static performance. This yarn applies conjugate spinning technology.

AceStatic® is a superior and eco-friendly product designed to care the wearing safety and comfortability.

Benefits of AceStatic®:

  • Reduce dust adhesion & fabrics keep clean longer.
  • Eco-friendly- Reduce the release of microfiber from less washing.
  • Enhance wearing comfortability - clothes not sticking to skin for static electricity.
  • The electrical charges decay fast to prevent from forming an electrostatic field & getting a static shock.
  • Industrial/ Technical use

  • Medical / health care use

  • Workwear

PET DTY 70/24/1 & 2 BK
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