Recycled Polyester Dope Dyed Color Yarn (AceColor®ECO)

Recycled PET dope dyed color yarn AceColor ® ECO, is the solution to avoid dyeing process which is the most polluting process in textile industry at the same time, AceColor ® ECO PET is made with post-consumer recycled bottles.

Let’s do something GREEN together!

Green concepts that textiles made with AceColor ®ECO Recycled PET Dope dyed Color Yarn offer:

Save 50~80% energy and reduce 50~70% carbon emission.
Save 50~80% water and reduce the waste.
Reduce 30~80% chemical consumptions.
Excellent color fastness.
Less consumptions of petroleum resources.

PET DTY 75/72/1, 150/48/1 & 2, 300/96/1 & 2
ATY 550/144, 630/216