Nylon/Polyester Conjugate Yarn - Micro Acemicro

Nylon/Polyester Conjugate DTY- AceMicro® applies special bi-component spinning process. The filament can split to 12 tiny filaments during dyeing , finishing and sanding. Caustic weight reduction is not necessary (or just need light weight reduction). Therefore, the user can save the processing cost and reduce waste water pollution.

As a result of that every single filament split into 12 tiny segments, textiles made with Nylon/Polyester Conjugate DTY - AceMicro® are very soft, gracefully shiny, and high bulky. At the same time, they are excellent in moisture penetration and air ventilation. Therefore, such yarn can be used for quality apparel, outdoor wears, upholstery textiles, bath towel/bath robe, and so on.

Nylon/Polyester Conjugate DTY - AceMicro® also features great and efficient cleansing performance for quality cleansing product development for its triangle cross section after split. Each tiny and split filament catches dust and grease well. Home textiles made with Nylon/Polyester Conjugate DTY - AceMicro® enhance your cleaning efficiency.

  • Acelon skills in offering Nylon/Polyester Conjugate DTY - AceMicro® from 50D to 320D.
  • Apparel

  • Outdoor/ Upholstery

  • Workwear

N6/PET DTY 80/32/1, 80/32/2, 160/64/2 SD
C33/PET DTY 80/32/1 SD
cross section: