Nylon 6 Air Textured Yarn (Nylon6 ATY)

Nylon 6 Air Textured Yarn, NY6 ATY is transformed from flat yarns and given hairiness like small loops to the yarns by air textured process. Textiles made with N6 ATY offer spun-like hand feel and adopt all the advantages from the synthetic nylon material.

By offering cotton touch hand feel, NY6 ATY is also called NY6 spun-like yarn and cotton-like yarn. It is used commonly in textiles which require comfortability and good touch.

  • Acelon skills in offering Nylon6 ATY from 40D to 1,050D.
  • Apparel

  • Industrial/ Technical use

ATY SD 90/68, 160/48, 160/72, 160/96, 160/144, 250/144, 320/192, 500/288, 1000/288
FD 90/68, 160/48, 160/72, 160/96, 160/144, 200/144, 250/144, 320/192