Cooling Yarn (AceIce®)

AceIce® , a cooling yarn in which natural mineral powder is embeded, offers great Qmax cooling value. Standard AceIce® is an ideal material to apply in textiles for all kinds of indoor activities such as lounge wear, office dress, lingerie and legwears. It can be offered with an outdoor version to change cross section as “cross” for quick dry or offered as Full dull yarn for UV prevention.

Textiles made with AceIce® yarn offers additional 1~2∘C instant cooler feeling than cotton and other yarns.

AceIce® technology offers textiles:

  • Long lasting cooling touch.
  • Energy Saving for indoor applications- air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature.
  • Quick dry / UV prevention (for outdoor use)
  • Acelon skills in offering high quality Nylon flat yarns in POY, HOY and FDY from 18D to 400D.
  • POY for texturizing: 18D to 300D
  • HOY/ FDY for knitting and weaving: 20D to 400D
  • HOY/ FDY for air textured: 40D to 500D
  • Apparel

NY6 FDY 40/34, 70/48 SD
DTY 40/48/1, 70/48/1 & 2, 70/72/1 & 2 SD
DTY 78/72/1 & 2 FD