Antibacterial Yarn (AceHygeia®)

Body odor occurs when sweat reacts with microbes. AceHygeia ™ could effectively offer antibacterial protection through disturbing & bursting microbe's cell wall to make it weak and control its growth as well as inhibiting its enzyme activity and growth rate. These two ways can control microbes without causing antibiotic resistance. Importantly, textiles made with AceHygeia ™ offers excellent antibacterial protections and performs good odor control by avoiding microbe contamination.

AceHygeia ™ permanently offers antibacterial protection and keeps textiles clean and fresh.

Benefits of AceHygeia ™ textiles:

  • Soft Touch.
  • Permanent anti-bacterial performance.
  • Anti-odor.
  • Apparel

  • Medical / health care use

NY6 DTY 40/34/1, 70/48/1 & 2, 70/72/1 & 2 SD, FD
PET DTY 75/72/1 SD
AATCC 100-2012 STANDARD- Percentage Reduction of Bacteria 95% up.