From the establishment in 1988, the development history of Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. can roughly include several stages as follows.


Founding period: From July of 1988 to December of 1989

In 1988, a group of professionals with practical experiences of many years sharing a dream raised funds and established Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. The initial capital was only USD0.47 million. The factory was in Pu Yan, Chang Hua, beginning with the productions of nylon flat filament and nylon air textured yarn . Later on, with the supports from our clients and the stability of operations, the increase in the capital was made in succession, consequently, the paid-in capital was totaling USD1.8 million.

Growing period: From January of 1990 to November of 1992

In the aspect of improving the manufacturing process, ACELON practically applied the HOY production process which was the first domestically and successfully developed HOY. That made the production speed increase to 5000 meter, which was four times faster than the conventional FOY. This was not only the professional technical breakthrough in the professional manufacturing of synthetic fiber, it was also increasing the competitiveness for structure of manufacturing costs. In terms of developing new products, ACELON also had great achievements as successfully and developed himself Nylon Trilobal Bright filament . This has increased the domestic supplies of high quality synthetic fiber and makes importing the expensive equivalent from Japan unnecessary for domestic end users. Also, due to the stable quality of the product and reasonable sale price, the product immediately took over 70 % of domestic market share right after the very moment the product had been introduced into the market.